Escalator Cleaning

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Elevators and escalators play a very vital role in any building. Imagine all the stair cases we would have to climb on a daily basis, if it were not for escalators. They are not only efficient; they are also time-saving. However, most people tend to ignore escalators when it comes to regular cleaning. Despite their importance, you will find that in most buildings all the other areas are sparkling clean apart from the escalator. With that being said, escalators can easily turn out to be a dust and bacteria haven if they are not properly cleaned and maintained. They need to be thoroughly cleaned at least once in a day.

At A+ Touch Custodial and maintenance, we will ensure that all the escalators in your property are properly cleaned and maintained. We have state of the art equipment that is suitable for removing all dirt and bacteria from escalators. We use eco-friendly solutions that will remove all stubborn stains, ensuring that all the escalators are always clean. We understand that escalators are one of the busiest places in any building, and are thus easily susceptible to dirt and bacteria. With that in mind, we are always willing to work on a long-term basis in order to ensure that your escalators are cleaned on a regular basis.

For all escalator cleaning and maintenance inquiries, think of A+ Custodial and Maintenance.

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