Kitchen Cleaning

The food we eat should always be prepared in a clean and bacteria-free environment. If a kitchen is not properly cleaned, you are risking the lives of everyone who works and eats food that is prepared from that kitchen. A kitchen should thus be twice clean compared to other places in a building. Moreover, the solutions used to clean the surfaces should be eco-friendly to avoid contaminating food. In simple terms, organic solutions are the best ingredients for safe kitchen cleaning.

The air ducts will also need to be checked on a regular basis to avoid excess heat in the kitchen and ensure that the place is well aerated. A+ Touch Custodial provides the best kitchen cleaning services in Vermont. We understand that the kitchen is a very sensitive place, which is why the technicians we send to clean your kitchen will have passed all the required medical tests. We will also ensure that all the techniques used while cleaning the kitchen are environmental friendly and cannot cause any harm to either the food supplies or your kitchen staff.

We offer various cleaning packages to our customers, because we understand they all have unique needs. Contact us any time whether it for one-time cleaning, daily, bi-weekly, weekly, monthly or annually and we will surely give you the best service.

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