Office Cleaning

Most people spend more time at the office than any other place. The demands of the 21st century have pushed most people into giving more and more of their time to office work. With that being said, it is of absolute importance that employers provide their employees with a safe and healthy working environment. A clean office environment contributes highly to employee productivity. Imagine the number of times that employees have to take a day off because they are sick, not knowing that the cause of their ailment is the office dust that is usually ignored as being harmless. If you want to reduce employee absenteeism, you need to hire office cleaning professionals like A+ Touch Custodial & Maintenance.

We provide the best office cleaning services in Vermont, which comes as no surprise because we are 20+ years strong in this business. In simple terms, our reputation and track record speaks for itself. We provide cleaning services for your entire office space, including the washrooms, floors, ventilation, air conditioning vents and windows.

Our state of the art office cleaning equipment is designed to suit the modern day office working hours. The cleaning techniques we use are noiseless, which means that we can be cleaning your office while your employees are working and there will be no unnecessary distractions. We understand that noise pollution may affect your organizations productivity and that is why we always strive to avoid it.

Our services are tailored to suit each clients needs, which is why we have packages for everyone.

What you get at A+ Touch Custodial & Maintenance

Give your clients a lasting impression by having a sparkling clean working environment.

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